Many common questions have already been answered on the “Specs” & “Use & Care” pages. If you don’t see your answer here, be sure to check those out as well.

  • How long will the machine last?
    • It will depend on how much you use it, but it should last for many years before needing any major service. The first items to fail will be the seals, which are easily replaced. Even those should last for very long time though.
  • What if I damage the lacquer on the wood, or the anodizing on the aluminum?
    • Unless it’s really bad, just enjoy the added character, and don’t worry about it. The finishes are there to help protect things from moisture, and small penetrations in the armor won’t matter too much. If you really put a hurting on it somehow, send us an email and we’ll chat with you to see how bad it is and if it really needs repair.
  • Something isn’t working as expected. What should I do?
    • The machine is designed to be dead-simple, with virtually no issues. If something isn’t working as expected, let us know and we’ll chat with you to make sure we get it working, or get a new one in your hands.
  • I see that the pressure gauge goes all the way up to 14 bar. Can I pull shots at that pressure.
    • The machine is designed to hold about 3x the force required for a 14 bar shot before it literally breaks. That said, it’s not recommended that you push it that hard. The espresso will probably taste bad, and it will wear out the seals and the rest of the machine prematurely. Sticking to about 9 bars max will ensure your machine has a nice long life before it needs seal replacements or other repairs.
  • Does the machine steam milk?
    • No, but if you like milk-based drinks, don’t give up hope. An electric milk frother that simultaneously heats the milk is an inexpensive and awesome addition to your setup. And an electric hand wisk can help you achieve finer texture for your milk foam in case you’d like to try your hand at latte art.


If you’ve searched through the FAQ, Specs page, and the Use and Care page and still can’t find your answer, send an email using the form below. Emails are usually responded to in 24 hours or less.