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Make Truly Great Espresso at Home

The Leverhead manual espresso machine makes cafe quality espresso with minimal fuss. It’s a simple, robust machine that’s easy to use, clean and maintain.

Thermally Optimized

You can brew with little to no preheating. All you need is boiling water.

This may sound simple, but it’s actually a big deal. Instead of using off the shelf o-rings, innovative custom-designed seals and a unique thermal isolation technique make this happen. It’s the heart of this machine, and what gives it a better workflow than others.

The Basket

The portafilter uses a standard 58mm basket. This has also been thermally isolated to keep the portafilter from stealing heat. This ensures proper temperature for your shot of espresso.

Getting the Temperature Right is Easy

  • Start with Boiling Water
  • For Darker Roasts, Don’t Preheat
  • For Lighter Roasts, Preheat for about 5 seconds

Preheating is Crazy Fast

Just pour boiling water through the brewing tube into your cup for a few seconds. That’s it! 🙂

This works because the brewing chamber is thermally isolated. It heats up quickly, and won’t lose that heat to other parts of the machine. So in literally 5 seconds or less, you have a preheated machine, and a preheated cup.

Speaking of Cups, You Have Choices!

There’s enough space to fit a latte cup and a scale under the basket. No need for tiny cups or awkward shot transfers.

And yes, an Acaia Lunar will fit 🙂

The Lever

The lever is powerful, making it easy to generate plenty of force for shots up to 9 bar and beyond. But it’s not just a big stick. It was thoughtfully designed to fit your kitchen.

With the lever down, the machine will store under the most common cabinet configurations, and with the lever up, it will fit in front of those same configurations. This allows you to pull shots without having to move your machine to another surface.

Minimalist Design

The look of the machine is derived from its utilitarian roots. There are almost no decorative elements, and every shape serves a purpose.

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